A few thankyou notes from our Facebook page

Nick, Karen and their beautiful family did not only help us in our time of need, they invited us into their home, welcomed us at their table and made us feel like part of their family xx This selfless family went out of their way for us because they care, they truly cared for a family they didn’t know xx Sitting around an awesome fire pit I talked comfortably with this family more than I have in the past 7yrs xx I can honestly say, my healing has truly begun xx
Thank you diggers rest xx Nick, Karen and awesome family xx
We will be back?

Dee Cuttler to Diggers Rest - ‘A Soldiers Retreat’Amazing People Doing Amazing Things XX

Dianne’s (Dee) family Amy, Jason, Liam, Jayden, Ashton and Kai and myself thank you for a wonderful day and a fabulous lunch. It re-assures and comforts me that there are others in this world who care for Dianne as much as her family. And that finally after wandering in the wilderness for years trying to get help for Dianne and not finding any, that there is now help not only for Dianne but other veterans and their families. It takes special people to provide and care vets and you two are most special. From a grateful mother and family, Thankyou Adele

Adele Crowther to Diggers Rest - ‘A Soldiers Retreat’January 17 ·Thank you to Karen and Nick

Its so great to get the opportunity to go and relax at a cafe on the Sunshine Coast that supports veterans. Whilst staying at Diggers Rest – ‘A Soldiers Retreat’ in Beerwah for some much needed time out, I received a gift voucher to go and enjoy a coffee and light refreshments with my family at Blackwater Trading Co. at Moffat Beach. Thanks for supporting veterans and keep up the great work.

Doc Rossa to Matilda PoppyJanuary 31 · Brisbane

Had the honour of visiting diggers rest yesterday. Nick Forster-Jones and his wife, Doc Rossa and Corey are doing a wonderful initiative. I told my wife about diggers rest last night and was somewhat moved a bit as it is absolutely fantastic to see Diggers Rest. God bless you all awesome.

Nicholas Hodge to Diggers Rest - ‘A Soldiers Retreat’February 20 · 2016

I find it difficult to express in words how much gratitude I have for all I have met at and through Diggers Rest, you included my boys and I into your family, You’ve provided a safe haven for retreat time. You’ve listened and supported, stood by my side when needed, Helped me smile again through our most tragic time, We will never forget ,Heartfelt Thankyou to all, Especially Nick and Karen Forster-Jones, Doc Rossa and Chenoa and families, Hugs and love Jaz and family,

Jasmin Carmel (Mother of Jarred Brown)April 25 at 8:23pm

I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive about staying at diggers rest, the thoughts going through my head were, I don’t know these people, they don’t know me, they are meeting me when I am at the lowest I’ve ever been and how much do they know about me? I know they have been told something about me. Do they know I was close to killing myself? Should I tell them? Do they even need to know? In all honesty I realised my apprehension was injudicious after about 20 minutes of being there, as I was welcomed with open arms and an open heart.

Diggers rest is a very welcoming environment and presents an holistic approach to veterans mental Heath which complement the more clinical, but sterile approach most of us have had or probably need. During my stay there were always blokes passing through and a few regulars staying and that was so helpful to me. The social aspect of diggers rest was a real eye opener, and a blessing, as I could see with my own eyes that these other st
rong, masculine men for whom most would look up too, were fighting the same battle as I was, for the first time I wasn’t fighting alone, I had my brothers with me, this helped tremendously. My stay at diggers rest will always bring fond memories, as it was there that I turned my life around.

The most important aspect of my stay, and one that seems to get overlooked by society, is time, I needed time to sort things out in a peaceful, relaxing environment without the stress of everyday life. What I got out of digger rest I am eternally grateful for, my self worth and confidence increase dramatically while I was there as I was reminded how great i really am and that I’m still the same guy I was before and the constant hassling of nick telling me,”your not broken and out, you’ve just hit a speed bump” and “think of this as school fees” really help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In closing, I started 2015 homeless, abusing alcohol, fighting chronic PTSD, depression and survivor guilt and contemplating suicide, I will start 2016 healthy, motivated and studying a bachelor of paramedical science at Sunshine Coast university. This massive transition would have been much more difficult had it not been for my stay at diggers rest.

CW wrote:23/05/2016 7:05 PM

Genuine people doing genuine work for veterans and their families. My Families first weekend away ever!. We had an excellent time and met many new friends in a great environment thanks guys.

Dan Ex5 Star

We sat back last night and reflected on our weekend. What you guys are doing is amazing. Inadvertently, supplying retreat plus therapy. We will come back in August, when you are back and getting organised and bring some helpers and stay. Loved it! You are so welcoming! We will ask for shopping list before we come, please don’t be humble and tell us nothing. We want to help develop your dream!

SimoneMay 16, 2016

Nicklaus and Karen have put in unlimited hours to give us a place of comfort and support on there own property. It is a place where I have stayed for a short period of time. Whilst there I suffered from deep depression on entering but on leaving I was a changed person. A new person to fight on with the everyday stressors of life. A better outlook on life.
The support I received was outstanding. It was made that I was up and moving everyday, checked on regularly and fed healthily all while looking after there own family.
To Nic, Karen and wonderful family I thank you for being my saver and mostly my friends.

Steven RDecember 2016

I would like to thank you and your family very much for having my family at diggers reat for a short break.

Being a young Defence family with pressures of owning a business and regular work ontop, we find ourselves limited to time and money when it comes to a holiday. Coming to your little haven, helps my husband and i unwind and destress without finding ourselves being bored. Its so relaxing just waking up to the call of the Bush, luke absolutely loves it there. There is much to do, for us which is a great treat. Also,providing the family pass for Australia zoo was amazing, Robert and cooper absolutely loved it, and its something we couldn’t afford on our own.

Thank you again, and with any luck we’ll find ourselves back in your neck of the woods soon.

A WorthDecember 2016

I found diggers rest on face book at a time in my life where I was feeling overwhelmed and lost, with ptsd I was very sad and depressed and my little family was suffering. After sending a message on Facebook to diggers rest we were welcomed into their home and family with open arms. Nick and Karen provided a cabin on their property for us to stay in and relax. To recharge and not have to worry about things. I was at breaking point when nick and Karen, diggers rest came to my rescue, I still visit when I can with my son, we bond and find ourselves again. Without them I don’t know what would have happened but with them I can say I’m stronger and I’m still here..

D CuttlerFeb 2016